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General Terms And Conditions of Car Rental

1. Rental Conditions

a) Driving Licence

Driver has to be in a possession of a valid driving licence for at least 2 years.

Minimum age and possession of a valid driving licence in Croatia is:
  • 21 years/2 years for vehicle group ECMR and higher
  • 25 years/2 years for vehicle group ITMR, SDMR, SDAR, SVMR, FDAR, PDAR, FVMR and XFAR.

b) Cross Border Rentals (Territorial Restrictions)
It is not allowed to enter Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, all former USSR countries, Turkey and Albania.

2. Rental payment

The guest will make the payment of the whole amount by a bank transfer to the Agency account or by a credit card. The guest must present a valid voucher that confirms reservation information upon check in.

The guest must provide credit card details together withh the voucher, as a guarantee. The following credit cards are accepted: Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express.

3. Additional Payments
  • Child Seat
    6.30 EUR/day (VAT included)

  • GPS
    10 EUR/day (VAT included)

  • WUG insurance
    3 EUR/day (VAT included)

  • CBC (Country Border Crossing)
    10 EUR/day (VAT included)

  • Refueling Charges
    Vehicles will be supplied with a full fuel load at the start of rental and must be returned with a full fuel load, otherwise the guest will be charged with 2,50 EUR (VAT excl.) per litre of gasoline and 2,50 EUR ( VAT excl.) per litre of diesel plus a refueling charge of 10,00 EUR (VAT excl.). These charges are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Additional Driver
    6,30/day (VAT included)

  • Check In And Check Out
    During working hours (07:00 - 20:00): 0 EUR
    Outside working hours: 35 EUR (VAT included)

4. Vehicle Pick Up

The guest will take the vehicle at a branch office stated in reservation. Office working hours is from 7:00 till 20:00 in both winter and summer period.

5. Vehicle Insurance

Covered By Insurance:
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) - included in the rental price. Optional insurance that provides extra protection and certain benefits for the driver and the passengers in the vehicle with respect to accidental death or injury during the rental. Terms and conditions applying to PAI are as per our Insurance Company regulations.
  • Third Party Insurance (TI) - included in the rental price. included in the cost of rental. Insurance coverage for the rented vehicle includes Third Party Liability. Insurance coverage is limited to Europe only. The person renting a car is liable up to the maximum amount of liability for accidents caused by the same party, damage caused by parking, theft or any damage caused by a third party. The use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods is not covered by the insurance. The coverage will not be valid if an unauthorized driver uses the vehicle, or if the driver does not possess an adequate driving license.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) - included in the rental price.
  • Theft Protection (TP) - included in the rental price.
Not Covered By Insurance:

Top Cover CDW offers waivers and deductibles. If this insurance is taken, in case of vehicle damage, the guest must provide an official police report or European Accident Report (found in the rent contract) or he/she will be liable for damages to the vehicle and will be charged accordingly.

  • Driver Negligence
    The guest will be charged for any damage done to the vehicle due to the driver negligence (burnt clutch, damage done due to driving on unsealed roads, parking the vehicle on high sidewalk curbs etc.) with the FULL AMOUNT OF THE REPAIR COST.
  • Wrong Fuel Type
    If the guest uses the wrong fuel type when refueling the vehicle, he/she will be charged with 200 EUR (plus VAT) (or the guest will be charged with FULL REPAIR COSTS).
  • Parking And Speeding Fines
    The guest will be charged with the cost of parking and speeding fine plus the administrative charges in the amount of 15 EUR (w/tax).
  • Vehicle Interior
    If the returned vehicle is in an unacceptable state, and the interior of the vehicle is unacceptably dirty and an extra cleaning and/or repairs have to be done (cigarette burns on seating etc.), the guest will be charged with the MINIMUM Extra cleaning cost of 50 EUR plus tax.
  • Key Loss or Vehicle Documents Loss
    The guest will be charged with 250 EUR (w/tax)for key loss or vehicle documents loss.
  • SCDW Insurance
    If the guest accepts the optional SCDW by paying the specified daily rental charge, his/her liability for the damage will also be eliminated. The guest must use the vehicle in a responsible manner, look after it appropriately, and make sure it is locked, secure and parked in a safe place when not in use, whilst removing any visible valuables from the vehicle. The guest must use the correct fuel type and check the oil and other fluid gauges beyond 1,000 kilometres. Even if the guest has taken these options, the CDW and SCDW exclude any coverage for key loss or vehicle documents loss, burnt clutch, damage to tires, damage or loss of wheel rim or covers, damage to vehicle chassis due to driving on unsealed roads, any damage due to lack of oil or a result of incorrect fuel usage, damage to the vehicle interior or any other damage to the vehicle caused by careless usage of the vehicle.
In Case Of Accident or Vehicle Damage:

In case of any major damage to the vehicle when the vehicle is not in driving condition or in the case of a theft the guest must call the police and take the police report about th edamage done to the vehicle. In case of a minor accident and when no participants in the accident have been injured, a European Accident Report must be filled out (the forms are in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

The form must be filled out and signed by all participants (other vehicles) in the accident, and the guest must deliver it together with a signed statement describing in detail the exact cause of the accident (this statement can be accepted in Croatian, English or German only).

If the guest returns the vehicle without the police report or European Accident Report and written statement, the guest will be charged with the full amount of the damage.

In case of death, insurance covers the amount of 6.850,00 EUR or 13.700,00 EUR in case of disability.

6. Vehicle Drop Off

If the guest picks up a vehicle at one branch office in Croatia and returns it at the same office, drop off is free.

If the guest picks up a vehicle at one branch office in Croatia and returns it in 1-3 days period at the other office in Croatia, daily price is inceased by 30%.

If the guest picks up a vehicle at one branch office in Croatia and returns it in a period of 4 days and more at the other office in Croatia, drop off is free.

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