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Guarantee of accurate information

Adriatic.hr pays special attention to the accuracy of information displayed on the website. We have come up with a procedure that guarantees credibility of information on private accommodation facilities so that our guests can be sure that they will get what they see. Each property is presented through approximately 40 photographs and 150 pieces of information that help you find an ideal accommodation for your vacation. Our field team visits every property and takes pictures of the interior, micro and macro location (beaches and rivieras). Our team also undertakes detailed measurements and collects information presented online.

All information is updated on regular basis. In case of changes in a facility (renovation etc.), the facility owners are under contract obligation to deliver latest information and photographs. Information is then displayed online so that you can see the current and updated state of the facilities that you book for your vacation. When going to a certain riviera, our field team also visits our “old” facilities as well in order to record all changes.

Considering all stated information about our business activities, we can guarantee you accuracy of information featured on our website.

Safe buying guarantee

Package tour organizer liability insurance (professional indemnity insurance)

Adriatic.hr has insurance for damage caused to the traveller by not fulfilling its obligations, partially fulfilling or irregularly fulfilling the obligations.


UHPA membership

Adriatic.hr is a member of the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA).


Best Buy Guarantee

Due to our desire to fortify our position as the leading mediator for private holiday accommodation, Adriatic.hr has formed the most attractive prices for the coming season by enabling stimulating discount specials approved by the owners just for you.

The result of this action is a 10% reduction in price, which guarantees at least 10% lower prices compared to the competition's.

If a competing company makes you an offer identical to the one in Adriatic.hr offer, at a lower, the same, or even a price higher by 10%, Adriatic.hr guarantees you an additional 10% discount. In this manner you are able to rent accommodation by a 20% more attractive price than the competing company’s.



The discount is strictly applied to Adriatic.hr private accommodation offer, offered by other travel agencies at a lower, the same, or even a price higher by 10%. Adriatic.hr guarantees the client an additional 10% discount off the price. The competing travel agency must be a registered member of the UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies).


The client has to satisfy the terms of the invoice during the following 24 h after they had received it. In the following step the agency issues a new 10% discount invoice. The discount is possible even after the payment. The client has to satisfy the discount splcial terms during the 24 h following the payment and the agency will make the refund.


The client has to deliver us the offer by the competition by fax or e-mail. The offer has to include a visible date and time of the issue as well as the following elements:

  • a memo of the agency with an ID code
  • full name of the client and the exact number of persons
  • the period of stay
  • the exact label of the accommodation unit.

According to the Bill of Privacy Protection Adriatic.hr will make an authentication of the offer delivered.


The discount splecial does not apply to the discount prices of the competing agencies. To an approved discount an additional discount cannot be applied. Discount prices include: last minute, first minute, fidelity discount, special group discount and/or long stay discount...


Adriatic.hr reserves the privilege to cancel or alter this discount special at any time and without notice. The applications made during the discount and received before cancellation or any modifications, will be treated in accordance with these terms.

Split, 5th March, 2007

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